Why am I so special?

Well, I’m not really.  That’s sort of the point.  I’m pretty average.  I guess what this means is that if I can make some big changes in the health department, anyone can.

A couple things to cover first: What brought me here (why now?!) and what’s the plan.

  1. I’ve tried tons of diets.  I mean like every one out there pretty much.  Weight Watchers, low carb, obsessive calorie counting, juice fast, elimination diet, HCG, Atkins (and probably more that I can’t think of).  Of course it’s not all about calories in right?  Calories out is part of the equation too: running, yoga, multiple gym memberships, walking schedules, weight lifting etc.  Let’s just say I get around.
  2. I feel like crap.  The holidays were the last straw (yes, I may be a walking cliche).  After gaining back a bunch of weight I’d lost last year, then getting heartburn for a few days in a row, I knew my body was telling it was time to take action.  I have a few health problems I needed to take care of, and although heartburn may not seem like a huge deal, it was the tip of the iceberg for me.

So, since I’d been let go from my job in October and “wasted” the 2 first months of being off, it was time to get to work!  If I could financially manage to take off 2 more months (I still hope I can figure out that one) I was going to devote them to ME and getting back on track.  A lot can get done in 2 months, right?

Now, for the master plan…..

Well, that I haven’t figure out yet, except I plan to use a shit-load of insurance benefits that I’ve built up and never had time to use while I was working like crazy.  Luckily my ex-employer was kind enough to extend these until I found new employment.  Now to get to it and devote my free time investigating what will really make a difference this time around.

So as one of the great philosophers if our times says:


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