Still going strong.

As the title says, I’m still on the same path – eating well, super energy, no cheats, losing weight, no temptations and taking better care of myself overall.  I’ve mentioned the books I’ve read that have helped but I’ve also had some other help along the way that I thought I’d get into today.

I lost my job a few months ago.  The first 2 months off are what I now think of as my decompression time.  I got some little things done around the house, dealth with some paperwork,  relaxed a bit, became a full time mom again and to my later realization; didn’t do anything truly productive.  This was the chance of a lifetime to dramatically alter the direction of a few big parts of my life.  I was wasting the opportunity and I was going to regret it.

Soon comes January 1st where everyone is “New Year, New You”-ing to themselves to death…..except for little old rebel me.  I hate being a cliche, even though as I write this blog, I realize I am one big fat walking cliche in many areas of my life.  But, it wasnt long after realizing the that time was slipping away and January 1st coincided, that I begrudgingly decided to put on my big girl pants and make some friggin life changes.  I was a week behind the crowd…so I considered that still a rebel move.  Now…what to do?

One of the things I haven’t discussed yet is all the professional help I’ve gotten along the way.  Not all for weightloss, but more for my new mission of Life Improvement.  I had a ton of benefits that had been wasted year after year while working my last job.  Who had time to go for massages and see doctors?  Don’t you know I have a full time job (which tended to be more that normal full time hours), a long commute, 2 young kids and a job that is leaving me mentally exhausted every single day???  Smart move, big insurance companies; lay on the benefits to impress me, full well knowing I can’t be bothered to use them unless I am literally dying.

So you may realize know what was to come next.  It was my turn to to exhaust every ounce of insurance benefit I had available to me while I could.  The benefits lasted for many more months (thanks for whomever negotiated that!) and it was time to become an appointment making maching.  Here is the list so far:





Bio Feedback Scans


Blood tests

Psychotherapy and finally

Hypnosis – this last one is questionable regarding benefits, but I am working on it.  And there’s still more to come!

I think it’s obvious why I would use vision benefits.  I need glasses, but barely.  At the time I think I was looking to get new professional glasses for any upcoming interviews I might have.  I was imagining going for the beautiful/sexy, yet extremely  book-smart type, who’s glasses say she’s a touch classic with a little hipster thrown in to let you know I’m on well aware of the current environment and trends.  I’ll drink my Kambucha slowly while regaling you with the latest market moves and M&A activity.  Was I asking too much?  Probably.

Next was the boring old Chiropractor.  My back had started hurting since I had been off work.  It’s bothered my on and off for years, sometimes an annoying twinge and othertimes debilitating pain.  I related the current pain to the fact I was no longer sitting in my ergonomically perfected Herman Miller chair at the office, but insted hanging out a lot on my overstuffed couch.  Big difference.  Turns out seeing the boring chiro was a pretty good idea.  After some poking, proding and stretching (ever done a decompression treatment? It’s a modern day version of the rack, toned down for better relaxation and comfort…and so the paying clients come back again), I was informed my legs are different lengths.  Not normal or average different – really different.  This meant my pelvis was angled and my sholders angled the opposite way and one of my ribs was about to pop off.  Huh?  The pain I was feeling was caused by the discs in my lower back getting crushed and sending my nerve endings into a tizzy.  So it was off to get really cool othotics, only one much taller than the other.  See…this was exactly the beautiful/sexy look I was going for.

Accupuncture was a first for me.  There was a lot of inspection and evaluation of my tongue.  A LOT.  And after that some questions and then the needles.  It didn’t hurt and I didn’t really feel any big change, but since it’s supposed to be good for me (we all have that peson who’s told us about the miracle worker accupuncturist they see, right?) I was game to continue on.  Hey, it was free!  Conclusion:  I am holding heat and dampness (they tend to go together I was told) and my liver needed some serious help for some reason.  And there was talk about digestion and energy flows.  Sounds good to me!  Let’s stick in some more needles and fix this shit up!

Biofeedback scans – I have no idea what this is, but ‘ve been for 3 sessions.  I went in thinking they would do blood tests to figure out my allergies and food sesitivities (For years I have had hives – probably mostly from wheat, but I am sure ther’s more to it) but to my surprise, they hooked me up to some sort of electrical machine and scanned me with different frequencies for over an hour to see what my body had reactions too.  At the end I got to drink a glass of what that had these frequencies in it to correct my body’s confused response, and I would have no further issue.  Sounds like voodoo, doesn’t it?  It could well be….but if it’s real, it is really friggin cool.  Or I am a a sucker.  But a sucker who’s not paying!

My naturopath appointment lasted forever and I was surprised at some of the personal questions she got into.  She said a lot of the same things as the accupunturist: heat and damp.  What does that even mean?  Why havent I google it yet should be the real question.  On my to do list as of now.  Liver came up again and she asked I take a liver detox and a immune boost supplement.  And my adrenals were shot, but we’d work on this later.  Why the liver again?  I’m not drinking, eating crap, or anything else I can think of that wold cause issues there.  Maybe it’s my own pesonal detoxing life that is causing it in some way.  More questions to ask at my next appointment when the results of my blood tests come in.  There were a lot of them.

The next 2 practitioners are the most interesting IMO.  I’ve never been to a psychotherapist and I picked this particular one becasue she specialized in addictions, specifically sugar addiction.  When I first made the appointment, this is the area where I thought I would need the most help.  Like serious help.  Little did I know, all the new healthy food, supplememnts, and knowledge would keep me on track.  I didn’t think I had it in me, but the combination of everything is like a magical pill I didn’t know was real.  I’m still seeing her, becasue it is super interesting and it’s also motivating.  She’s like my insurance plan – I don’t think I need it, but it’s nice to have.

Lastly is the hypnosis.  This has been oddly life changing, but not in the way the others have been.  I know there are a lot of different opinions about hypnosis.  I personally have always been a fan of the Hypnotist Show and I recall draggibng my friend there in Vegas.  I think she thought it was lame, but I loved it!  Who doesn’t enjoy watching others unknowingly cluck like a chicken or hump a chair?  It’s fascinating and for that reason it’s also really hard to understand how this can be….a thing.  Are they all scammers?  Is it just for entertaiment?  If it works, why isn’t everyone doing it to make their lives perfect?  What was going on here?  I was really motivated to find out more…so I did.

It’s going to be a lot to write on that topic….so better save that for the next blog post.  I hope if anyone is reading, you stay tuned for the continuation.  I am amazed with everything that happened to me after I first made my appointment with my local hypnotist.

Thanks for reading!


I am a Superstar and I Want to Inform Everyone of This Fact.

Well well well… quickly things can change.  Going from feeling like a crappiest human on earth to flying high!  I’ve made a lot of changes and had a lot of help along the way, but the results are outstanding!  Outstanding I say!

Let’s start with some of the holy crap improvements I’ve accomplished in the past (almost) 4 weeks:

-lost 11 pounds (always the thing everyone wants to know, so we’ll start there)

-have so much energy I may be bordering on manic (not 100% sure on that definition, but this is the word that comes to mind)

-started going to the gym again (having all this extra energy certainly doesn’t hurt in that department)

-completely kicked the sugar habit.  Not an ounce and no fake replacements (i.e. sweeteners).  I am particularly proud of this point.

-dropped all of the ingredients that were causing me trouble; wheat especially

-signed up for a education program which may lead me to a new career!

-organized may areas of my home and organized my online life

-And I an feeling on top of the world… I can do anything.  How often do you feel that way?

I can say that the biggest factor in all of the above changes were the multiple books I read (listened too actually – I think I mentioned audiobooks are the way to go to cram in information when you are leading a busy life).  It also happened to be the order I ready everything.  One led to another and expended on some concepts from the book previously.  In case anyone reading this (is there anyone reading???) is interested, here is what I listened to/read in the order I did it in:

-the Dorito Effect by Mark Schatzker (see my last blog post for some more info on that one) Link here

Eating on the Wild side by Jo Robinson.  I had a hard copy of this book from the library but now feel the need to go out and buy a hard copy to keep for myself.  It’s a great reference book for cooking and preparing food and there’s no way I can remember everything.

The Wellness Project by Pam Krauss – ironically very similar to the “journey” I was planning to be on as well.

Eat Dirt by Dr Josh Axe. LOVED this book and I learned so much about how f-ed up we all are in our current environement.

The Mind Gut Connection by Emeran Mayer. A little more science-y, but still worth the listen

The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes – read this book and you will never want to eat sugar again!

And somewhere in there I also browsed through a book on Sugar Addiction and read //” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Eat Fat, Get Thin my Mark Hyman.

So there you have it if you want to cram some knowledge into your brain like I did.  It totally changed the way I think.  I’ll share more details about this, but gotta tuck the kiddos into bed now and I am ready for an early night tonight. Zzzzzz.