Doritos Changed My Everything

I have actually never liked Doritos much.  Or chips in general, although if there was a bag presented to me during a movie, I would surely partake.  It was just never something I purchased or often ate or craved.  That being said, the invention of Doritos and a book revolving around them, may have permanently changed me substantially.

I LOVED the book i just read.  LOVED it!  I promised myself that since I have free time for the first time in an eternity, I would use the rest of it wisely.  So I started reading books.  Lots of them.  Actually, I’m not technically reading anything, but rather renting audiobooks from the local library.  Who knew?!?!  I can listen to as many (free!) books as I want.  It’s extremely convenient while driving the kids to school ( they aren’t swooning over this as much as I am and seem a little annoyed by the “boring learning books” hehe) folding laundry, doing errands, in the bath…wherever!

I wasn’t really looking for a diet book.  I’ve read enough of those throughout my life.  This was (at first) just a book that sounded interesting.  The Dorito Effect by Mark Schatzker is about what industry and science has done with our food.  I’ve read books like that before so I wasn’t expecting anything mind-blowing.  But, something in what he wrote caused a shift in me.

Yes, industry has totally f-ed us up with fake flavor and chemicals.  Most of us already know this.  But why are we so attracted to this?  Human evolution of course (doesn’t everything end up pointing to this one way or another?).  To survive all these billion years, we needed to like the food we were eating.  And we like flavor.  And as it turns out, this flavor is the chemical that the healthy food is producing and happens to keeps our bodies ticking.  Sure, carbs, fat and protein is important, but it’s all the phytochemicals that we need for optimal health and to avoid all the sickness and disease we hear about every day.

In addition, I’ve never been a huge advocate of eating everything organic.  I’ve been told it makes no difference or it’s all a marketing ploy.  And I was sort of on the fence…..until THE BOOK.  I never thought of why plants have phyotochemicals.  Maybe most people have, and I just missed that lesson.  Just like us, plants enjoy surviving and not becoming someone’s lunch or becoming extinct.  So in turn, they produce chemicals that fight off bacteria and bugs and predators meaning they get to live another day and have plant babies and stuff.  These are the SAME CHEMICALS that we humans need to stay healthy and have been eating for millions of years.  So guess what spraying all of our crops with insecticides and pesticides does?  Or worse, building plants that already have this insecticide or pesticides as part of their genes.  Ummmm…the vegetables and fruits we are eating are chillin’ man!  They don’t need to work so hard at keeping the bugs away and that means we aren’t getting the same nutrients in our food anymore because the plants don’t have to make them.  Seriously…WTF?  Why have I not understood this before???  I always thought it was about pesticide residue and occasionally followed the dirty dozen list to avoid it.  It’s soooo much more…..although pesticides is total crap also.  Another book…another post maybe.

I don’t do the book justice.  It’s informative and entertaining.  I have never craved an heirloom tomato and barred rock chicken like I did while reading the second half of the book.  (Hint: I’ve never craved these and I certainly didn’t know there was such a thing as a barred-rock chicken.  I thought chicken as chicken!!)  I won’t go ruin the book for you by telling you all about that , but it’s true!  And guess what?  now I I can’t stop eating foods full of phytochemicals.  I just feel so wrong not doing so.  Maybe it’s my way of saying sorry to my poor body for all the years of depriving it (shout out to you body for not keeling over yet!)  But best of all I am loving it!  Maybe all I was craving this whole time was flavor…but the kind not produced in a lab, the kind that has been around for eons and I was always meant to eat.

All hail nature.  Turns out humans have f’d things up again, but the answer is out there.

p.s. read the book!

p.p.s Mark Shatzker, you rock!








Why am I so special?

Well, I’m not really.  That’s sort of the point.  I’m pretty average.  I guess what this means is that if I can make some big changes in the health department, anyone can.

A couple things to cover first: What brought me here (why now?!) and what’s the plan.

  1. I’ve tried tons of diets.  I mean like every one out there pretty much.  Weight Watchers, low carb, obsessive calorie counting, juice fast, elimination diet, HCG, Atkins (and probably more that I can’t think of).  Of course it’s not all about calories in right?  Calories out is part of the equation too: running, yoga, multiple gym memberships, walking schedules, weight lifting etc.  Let’s just say I get around.
  2. I feel like crap.  The holidays were the last straw (yes, I may be a walking cliche).  After gaining back a bunch of weight I’d lost last year, then getting heartburn for a few days in a row, I knew my body was telling it was time to take action.  I have a few health problems I needed to take care of, and although heartburn may not seem like a huge deal, it was the tip of the iceberg for me.

So, since I’d been let go from my job in October and “wasted” the 2 first months of being off, it was time to get to work!  If I could financially manage to take off 2 more months (I still hope I can figure out that one) I was going to devote them to ME and getting back on track.  A lot can get done in 2 months, right?

Now, for the master plan…..

Well, that I haven’t figure out yet, except I plan to use a shit-load of insurance benefits that I’ve built up and never had time to use while I was working like crazy.  Luckily my ex-employer was kind enough to extend these until I found new employment.  Now to get to it and devote my free time investigating what will really make a difference this time around.

So as one of the great philosophers if our times says:


A Journey Back to Health (from a junk food connoisseur)

Wow.  How did I get here?


  1. recently divorced
  2. recently unemployed
  3. not so recently fat

It’s time to do something about it (well, the fat part for now).

Join me on my “journey” (a phrase overused and slightly annoying IMO, but I’ll go with it for now) as I investigate and experiment on how to get back on track.  I’ve got time to spare for the first time in 15 years….I’ll  be the guinea PIG (no pun intended) and you can watch with my successes and failures along the way.

Ta-ta for now!